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Thursday, June 08, 2006

Let me tell you about June 2006 for the Barbers.

1. We've bought a house! We settle on the 26th - pay attention to these dates...

2. My lovely and talented wife started a new job this week. She's the new assistant to the pastor at our church. She has her own email address and everything.

3. Sam had Cub Scout camp all week. Today, for example, he got a bullseye with a BB gun! I'm really not supposed to say anything, but let's just say that a certain armed force was going to let him drop a certain piece of armament on a certain notable fellow (let's just call him al-Zarqawi Doe), but Sam had Cub Scout camp. So they made other plans.

4. In two weeks, Janna and I are going here: The Majestic Colonial. We've had this trip planned for 6 months and I CAN"T WAIT!

Of course, we get back from the Dominican Republic on the 24th, then have to settle on the house 2 days later.

It's a crazy month around here...


Blogger Bigsun said...

Congrats on the House, looks good. Does the boat convey!

Are you going to the DR w/ Cornerstone?

6:01 PM  

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