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Saturday, May 27, 2006

and even though you take him, still I ever will obey...

Here's the hard part about the Bible (well, one of many). The stories are so well crafted, so perfect in their analogy-ness, that it's damn easy to forget their realism. I have such a hard time divorcing Bible stories from Aesop-like fable thinking. When things are drilled into your head from birth, every Sunday morning, they tend to lose some punch.

What I find amazing, truly astounding, is the ability of an artist to give humanity to the stale. Those stories that have become nothing but object lessons - parables. The artist that can breathe life into those stories is truly remarkable.

Rich Mullins was one of those. Mark Heard, another. I think Andrew Peterson is the chief of the new breed. He has a knack for personifying people - not an easy task.

One of the most re-told, recycled tales is that of Abraham and Isaac. Well, AP does it better than me. So here you are:

Holy is the Lord


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