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Wednesday, May 31, 2006

...and we'll bring you love, you'll be one of us when the night comes...

I am indebted to this phenomenon known as the mp3 blog. I had never heard of such an animal a scant four months ago, now I'm heavily addicted. Much of the tuneage that takes up my iPod was first listened to as a result of a fantastic mp3 blog.

So I thought I'd share the wealth a little. These are some of the bands that I found through mp3 blogs.

The Decemberists
I actually first heard these guys on Relevant's site, but I quickly found their huge following in the blogosphere. I've since purchased every thing they've put out. Lead singer & writer Colin Meloy has a literate, yet self-effacing style that I find endearing.

Here I Dreamt I was an Architect

Page France
These guys are my current obsession. I first heard of them through (a fantastic bargain if you like music that doesn't suck), but again, quickly got up to speed via some mp3 blogs. Again, I've since purchased everything I could get my hands on.


Kite Flying Society
This is the newest band I've come across - they're building up a ton of buzz, and with good reason. Tight harmonies, innovative instrumentation, and cachy hooks. What more can a man ask for? They don't presently have a record out, but one's coming out soon.

6000 Shipwrecks

I'm from Barcelona
You're gonna hate me if you download this one. You'll never get it out of your head. Them Swedes know a hook when they find one. Thanks to What Would Jesus Blog? for this one. The video is priceless. F-ing priceless.

We're from Barcelona - Movie
We're from Barcelona

Sufjan Stevens
I know, I know. He's only the most popular guy in the universe, but all the same, I first heard him on an mp3 blog. And he's quite simply the most brilliant musician that I can think of. He's probably not for everyone, but he's certainly for me.

Adlai Stevenson

Jon Black
It's nice to find a Christian artist that doesn't feel out of place next to these other names. I'm indebted to songs:Illinois for this one. He's a great find.

Glory, Hallelujah

Check these guys out, please? And then go buy their records!

Here are some of my favorite mp3 blogs:

An Aquarium Drunkard
Everybody Cares, Everybody Understands
..good weather for airstrikes
I am Fuel, You are Friends
What Would Jesus Blog?

Go ye therefore and listen to good stuff.


Blogger Janna said...

so you've discovered a more discreet way to feed your obsession. no more white plastic bags w/ the best buy logo, so your wife can see and yell at u for spending all our $$ on CDs,then gripe about how many discs fill our home. oh, well, atleast its not hookers.

6:03 AM  
Blogger Nathaniel said...

Holy crap! Who knew that John Barber was still alive?

7:48 PM  

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