Rode Hard And Put Away Wet

my God, where do these days go?

Tuesday, July 26, 2005

My apologies for being largely absent these last few days. What with multiple video side projects, Sam’s birthday, life, et al.

Anyhoo, I promised myself that if I started this blog back up (my old one was here: Barberman), politics would be off the table. Nothing political in the new blog. Well, I’m going to keep that promise. Scouts’ honor.

On a completely non-political note, I’ve discovered of late that I am enamored of the early Elton John stuff. I’m listening to Tumbleweed Connection at the moment. There’s poetical beauty somewhere in Elton John (Elton John!) writing a whole record about gunslingers.

His early records seem to be much more melodic than the mid-80s, early 90s albums – which were generally angry or overly schmaltzy. Cameron Crowe and I seem to share the love, because he finds a place in all of his movies for an early Elton cut. With Almost Famous (my favorite movie, by the way), it was Tiny Dancer. With Elizabethtown it’s My Father’s Gun.

Anyhoo, I’m gonna do some work, listening to Captain Fantastic, and thinking of cowboys with huge, glittery, pink glasses.


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